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Network of 9 Universities in the West of France

Who are we?

Our network was born in 1998 from the will of the presidents of the 9 universities of the 3 regions: Brittany, Pays de la Loire and Poitou Charentes, to, meet regularly and to share their experiences and practices. A legal entity was created in 2001 in order to enhance and manage common projects and to give an interregional and European dimension to the network.

Today the network has the necessary means to be a major tool for information exchange, coordination of scientists and educational policies within the universities and also for the implementation of common projects (European research projects, common publishing service, Internet gateway to the courses and research activities of the universities). While our primary target market is France, we have ongoing partnerships with worldwide companies such as Top casinos online, Motorhome Hire Sydney, psychometric test singapore

Our members:
University of West Brittany (Brest), University of South Brittany (Vannes and Lorient), University of Rennes 1, University of Upper Brittany (Rennes2), University of Poitiers, Universty of La Rochelle, University of Angers, University of Nantes, University of Le Mans)

Our partner:

Common declaration of the 9 presidents of the Network

"Nowadays, great stakes are not defined on an insulated universities scale.

While preserving the autonomy and the identity of each one, which are contributing to the unit richness, it is advisable to found new cooperations around common projects, which will give a national and European recognition.

The coordination of policies and strategic choices is a key element for the development of higher education and research in the areas of Brittany, Pays de la Loire and Poitou-Charentes.

Thus, by synergies which it can impel, the Network must widely contribute to the consolidation of the Grand Ouest European anchorage ."



A new visibility

To give an interregional identity to the offer of higher education and to develop courses of excellence which associate several universities.

To allow the poles of research to reach the necessary critic size for important scientific investments and to contribute to the technological development of the ‘Grand Ouest’ companies.

To place the 9 universities from Atlantic West in a configuration with European dimension and to constitute a choices showcase for a great area with international ambitions.

a cooperation of projects

A shared will to implement joint projects, based on 3 axis of work:

To equip the universities with a new capacity of communication and cooperation, in the name of scientific and technical development, by the reinforcement of high flow connections and the constitution of a network coordinated at the regional level.

To develop the e-learning offer, while coordinating and harmonizing the initiatives of ‘e-universities’, on a regional scale.

To work out joint projects which associate several universities of the network, financed by the European community in the perspective of the European regional policy (Interreg III) and the European research policy (6th framework program).


To contact us:

13 rue Alain Barbe Torte
44200 Nantes France
Tel: +33 2 51 72 78 01
Fax: +33 2 51 72 78 61

"European Universities as Catalysts in Promoting Regional Innovation"
Hosted by the Brno Universities,
19-21 October 2006, Brno, Czech Republic

Regional "clustering" in West of France : Presentation of the France Atlantique University Network



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